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BICS Award Winners 2023

Best Society Cultural, Academic & Social Small:

Mary I, Midas Society

Best Society Cultural, Academic & Social Large:
UCC Gov & Pol Soc

Best Society Charity and Civic Small

RCSI Paediatric Society

Best Society Charity and Civic Large

UCC Surgeon Noonan Society

Best Departmental Society Small

RCSI Emergency Society

Best Departmental Society Large

University of Galway WiSTEM

Best Event Small

Mary I, Midas: Upstaged

Best Event Large

University of Galway Anime & Manga Society: Akumakon

Special Judges mention

DCU Karting Society

Best Individual Small

RCSI Katelyn Hudak

Best Individual Large

University of Galway Nessa O"Connor 

Best New Society Small

TUD Tallaght Formula Student Society

Best New Society Large

UCC Neurodiversity Society

Best Fresher Small

MTU Zoe Lamb

Best Fresher Large

University of Galway Sava Beekman 

Best Publicity Campaign

RCSI Paediatric Society

Best Intervarsity

RCSI Emergency Society Sim Wars

Best Mental Health Initiative

University of Galway Med Soc Shave a life

Best Green Initiative

UCC Enactus Society Sustainable Community Market

Best Video

DCU Media Production Society

Best Poster

RCSI Pride Society

Best Photo

University of Galway Zoo Soc

Entertainment by Transmitter.

See gallery below, each photo includes presenters.

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