BICS Awards 2017: The Winners

The BICS 2017 Awards took place in The Sheraton Hotel Athlone on April 13th.

There were 406 people in attendance, 404 at the Ball. 51 adjudicators, 3 chief adjudicators, 333 nominees and supporters, 4 sponsors and 15 Admin Team.

2017 Best Society in a Cultural, Academic or Social Field (Sponsored by USI) (Small College)


Cork Institute of Technology – Guild Gaming Society
Through diverse, successful and innovative activities, engagement with the wider college; creative, varied and planned promotions, the CIT Guild Gaming society opened doors for people and helped them form new bonds and friendships! For the variety and high level of activity throughout the year but in particular for the overwhelming positive and giving attitude of the committee and members combined.

2017 Best Society in a Cultural, Academic or Social Field (Sponsored by USI) (Large College)

National University of Ireland, Galway – MedSoc

The Medical Society is a student body which advocates for the interests of medical students, and anyone with an interest in the medical field. Their goal is to ensure that students have a platform to share experiences, knowledge, and new ideas to enrich the student experience in Galway. They also organize various charity events throughout the year.

2017 Best Society in a Charity/Civic Field (Sponsored by Comhlámh) (Small College)

Institute of Technology, Tralee – SVP
The ITT SVP Society motto is ‘Student Supporting Student’s’. They aim to assist students who are struggling both financially and emotionally. They aid students with any issues they may be facing; if they cannot help on a certain issue they refer them to relevant service. They strive to help all and to bring an element of fun while raising awareness on certain issues that needs attention.

2017 Best Society in a Charity/Civic Field (Sponsored by Comhlámh) (Large College)

National University of Ireland Galway – CCAFS Society

The CCAFS (Climate Change and Food Safety) Society engages in Awareness Raising, Advocacy and Action. CCAFS allows students of diverse ages, disciplines and cultures to engage with issues pertaining to climate change at the local, national and global level. This year the society ran a campaign that resulted in the Divestment of €3.4 million of fossil fuel shares in NUI Galway.

2017 Best Event (Sponsored by Please Talk) (Small College)

Cork Institute of Technology- Musical Society – American Idiot
Their hard work, dedication and commitment to this explosive, bold and brash musical was phenomenal. The event incorporated months of planning, co-ordinating and organising by all committee members as well as everyone associated with the energetic performance.

2017 Best Event (Sponsored by Please Talk) (Large College)

National University of Ireland, Galway – Slainte Society- Teddy Bear Hospital
NUIG Sláinte Society’s run an annual Teddy Bear Hospital, through which they aim to alleviate children’s fears of hospitalisation and illness. Over 1,300 children and their sick teddies experienced the magical atmosphere of this event. They aim to create an educational and enjoyable experience for both the children and volunteers.

2017 Most Improved Society (Sponsored by Partridge Peartree) (Small College)

Institute of Technology, Tallaght – Islamic Society

The Islamic Society serves as a social and political platform for students of different religions and culture, which helps bridge communications between Islamic and Irish cultures. Enabling Irish Muslim students to voice their opinion and celebrate their differences.

2017 Most Improved Society (Sponsored by Partridge Peartree) (Large College)

University College Cork – Medical Society
UCC Medical Society deals with all academic and social events and issues for medical students in UCC, as well as students with an interest in medicine. They hold inclusive events, and this year have had a particular focus on mental health, and the importance of being active

2017 Best New Society (Small College)

Institute of Technology, Tralee- Events Society
The Events Society both organizes events for charity around the Tralee area and go to various events organized by other people in order to learn from them. They have tried their best over their first year as a society to develop their connections within their local area. ITT Events Society has been a small yet strong force within their college community.

2017 Best New Society (Large College)

National University of Ireland, Galway – Paediatric Society

NUIG Paediatric Society was established in 2016 to bring together all those with an interest in the healthcare and wellbeing of children. Members benefit from specialist talks and information evenings given by Paediatric doctors. There is an emphasis on giving back through fundraising.

2017 Best Individual (Small College)

Mary Immaculate College – Rachel Dunne

Rachel has been a member of the SVP Society since its inception two years ago. This year Rachel took on the role of Chairperson and has led the society to its most successful year to date.

2017 Best Individual (Large College)

University of Limerick – Michael O’Donnell

Michael was president and founder of the Science Society and contributed to the campus and local community through his outreach programme and multiple charitable works.

2017 Best Fresher (Small College)

Institute of Technology, Tralee – Triona Clifford
Triona decided to become involved in the ITT SVP Society when she started college. She has benefited a lot from being a part of this society. She has made lots of great friends and had lots of fun all while helping students in need.

2017 Best Fresher (Large College)

National University of Ireland Galway – Daniel Emmet Leahy
Daniel is a first year student, studying Civil Law with German at NUI Galway. Debating is his passion. He is Schools Convener Elect of the Literary and Debating Society and Moot Court Convener Elect of the Law Society. He has had a very busy year actively involved in a host of societies. He helped raise funds with Cancer Society, Med Soc and even dyed his hair for charity!

2017 Best Mental Health Event

UL Dramsoc, Stigma

Stigma was a hard hitting mental health showcase, aimed at reducing the stigma around real world mental illnesses. The showcase had 28 individual performers. Their survivor stories were short stories written about people’s own struggles with mental illness, their day to day battles, how they’re coping and how they managed to see the light on the other side. Some of the pieces were much lighter than others and they structured it in such a way that the audience left the auditorium feeling hopeful and assured that all wars must end eventually.  It was their first ever full charity showcase, the proceeds were donated to Pieta House and Corbett Suicide Prevention Limerick.

2017 Best Intervarsity

NUI Galway: Dramsoc ISDA ‘16

NUI Galway Dramsoc hosted the ISDA Festival, an event which allows colleges all over Ireland showcase their best productions and compete against each other. The festival cumulated at an Awards Ball which honoured students participating in every aspect of theatre. With a range of social events, a theatre fringe and the full festival itself Dramsoc outdid itself with this intervarsity.

2017 Best Poster

NUI Galway: Philosophy Society

NUI Galway’s poster was designed with the intent to bring together the raw concept for an event on healthy and sustainable eating with a clear philosophical affect that illustrated their interest in discussing the ethics of diet choice rather than simply promoting a particular attitude towards food.

2017 Best Publicity Campaign

GMIT Film Hub

GMIT Filmhub produced and directed ‘Road Safety Mannequin Challenge’ to publicise a clear message – PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE WHEN DRIVING. They worked with An Garda Siochana, Galway Fire Brigade, GMIT medical unit & GMIT staff/students to make this film happen. Their publicity campaign gained 30,000 views on Facebook and shared by TodayFM and RSA. View Video Here: and 

2017 Best Promotional Video

UL Drama

‘WARRIOR ‘Performed by Emma Craven, Written & Directed by Laura Hunt, Camera & Sound by Kerrie Ahern and Lighting by Ellen Culloo. It was written in the style of the Survivor stories which featured in Stigma and was shot in the student union. View at this link:

2017 Best Photograph

UL Airsoft Society

‘The best way out, is always through’

Here you can see one of Airsoft’s members venturing into the unknown hayfield maze where around any corner he takes he could face someone from the opposite team staring down the barrel at him. Airsoft is an adventure into an unknown world explored only by those willing to takes risks. Photographer: Joanne Niven