Enter Awards

Due to the ongoing situation with the covid19 virus the BICS Awards will take a new format this year. 

The Awards application is now online:
Full details on how to enter below.

The deadline is May 29th at 2pm 

The Awards Ball will take place in either late August/Early September.
This will be arranged in consultation with all the member colleges.

Check out previous years Awards at this link

How To Enter the Awards:

Step 1: Friday May 29th
Fill in the application form for your category.
Please ensure you are using the correct up-to-date forms which are the ones on this page (do not do a google search).
Upload your application form by 2pm on May 29th.


Changes to Awards Process 

There will be no interviews for this year’s awards. 
Each college will need to provide :
a) Application form 
b) Portfolio (in digital format whether it be a pdf, PowerPoint or video etc) as well as 
c) Video: In lieu of interviews this year we will be asking for a 5 minute video to be uploaded with each application. This should not overlap on the content of your portfolio. Use this opportunity to tell us a little bit about yourself/ves and show us the face/s behind your application. We want to see how much your society means to you and how it has shaped your college life. Use your imagination!     
Marks are out of 100, taking into consideration all the information supplied in the application, portfolio and video, (if required for the particular category) the 10 points for portfolio in the applications will take into account the overall impression provided by the portfolio and video and will be allocated at the judges discretion.
Application form, Portfolio and Video must be uploaded here  by Friday 29th May at 2pm. 
Change to Judging Process
For this year only our judging process will be brought online. Judges are welcome to attend our rescheduled Awards banquet (and we really hope they do!) but they will not be required to be on site for the event for interviews or to view portfolios/ applications. We would ask for member colleges to get their judges registered here by Friday 22nd May please. Judges will be provided with application forms/ videos and digital portfolios and will have two weeks to work remotely in marking their category! 

If you are unsure on any aspects of your eligibility to enter a specific category please consult the BICS rules here.

Application Forms 

Please read the helpful hints below before you start filling in your application. Note that these are the standard application forms, so if your category requires an interview you will now submit a 5 minute video, if your category requires a portfolio submit a PDF version (PowerPoint can be good for this)

Portfolio & Video required

Sponsored by USI


Portfolio & Video required


Portfolio & Video required

Most Improved Society

Portfolio & Video required

Sponsored by Partridge Peartree

Best New Society

Portfolio & Video required

Best Individual

Portfolio & Video required

Best Fresher

Portfolio & Video required

Best Departmental

Portfolio & Video required

New this year, a society cannot enter this award and either Best Society C/A/S or C/C, If a society wins this award 2 years in a row it will need to enter either Best Society C/A/S or C/C the following year.

Best Poster

A soft copy of the poster is required. No interview or portfolio required.

Best Publicity Campaign

Portfolio required but no video required.

Best Society Promotional Video

No portfolio or video required.

NOTE: Best Green Initiative and Best Mental Health Applications are now one application per college, and Large and Small Colleges will be judges as one category. They will not require a portfolio or video.

Green Initiative Application Form

No portfolio or video required

Sponsored by An Taisce

Best Mental Health Application Form

No portfolio or video required

Sponsored by Mental Health Ireland

Best Society Photograph

No portfolio or video required.
(Note it cannot be taken by a professional photographer)

Intervarsity Application Form

Not limited to one per college, Portfolio & Video required


Helpful hints:

Finance Question:

If your college does not have a web-based system for your accounts please use this template for your accounts and copy the section inside the black outline and paste into the box of the relevant answer on your application form.


Your portfolio can take any form and we require just one portfolio for each nomination. Some societies create very colourful and artistic portfolios while others may use a more functional folder. Whatever format you choose it is the content which is very
important. The portfolio must include all your backup material for your application.

The best portfolios follow the format of the application and make it easy for the judges to refer to both, it is a pictorial backup so do not simply repeat what you have written in your application.

Here are some suggestions:

In the organisational section you could include a copy of your constitution, a photo of your committee, screen grabs to back up any other info. If you are including a membership list make sure it only included names and no other personal details. In the event section you can include photos and posters of your events. (top tip try to show how many people were there so don’t just show the same 3 people in every photo) You can include testimonials, quotes form your members anything to let the adjudicators see how great you are and the impact you make. Correspondence with guests, a sample of your style of agenda and minutes. (just a sample the adjudicators have a lot to read) If your society uses a safety statement, event plan etc include those.

Finance Section include bank statements (if you use a bank account) and more detailed accounts, some samples of receipts, e-mails/letters to and from sponsors, photos of any innovative methods you used to raise funds. If you gave money to a charity include a letter of acknowledgement. If you have a photo handing over the cheque include that.

Publicity Section
You should include copies of posters, press cuttings, reviews, literature you have
published, photos, screen grabs of social media. Some societies in the past have included video footage on CD/USB, screenshots
of your website, 

What is in your portfolio is up to you but it should be a visual description of what you are all about. Remember the judges do not know you, have not been at your events and have no way to know just how amazing you are. So use whatever means you
wish to invite the judges into the world of your society. Your portfolio will be returned to you at the end of the adjudication and is a great archival record of your society to keep.

Please Remember
There is no need to repeat what is in your nomination; the portfolio is a visual description, therefore brevity with words will be appreciated.


Read and answer the questions, use bullet points where appropriate, do not repeat yourself, brevity is appreciated by the adjudicators, however don’t leave anything important out.