Video Tips

  • In lieu of interviews create 5 minute (maximum length) video to be uploaded with each application.


  • If the video is too big to upload, paste the url link into a word document, hyperlink it and save as a PDF and upload this. (make sure the link is working) 


  • The video should not overlap on the content of your portfolio. The idea is that it will give the adjudicators a chance to meet you virtually,  and get a feeling of what your society is all about, so share your enthusiasm. They will have read your application and your portfolio but would like to get a chance to get to know you a little better. You can be as creative as you like, just make sure you use the opportunity to let the adjudicators get to know you and your society. 


  • Use this opportunity to;

tell us a little bit about yourself/ves

show us the face/s behind your application. 

show how much your society means to you and how it has shaped your college life.

  • You are not expected to create a masterpiece, for example some of your committee could set up a zoom meeting and record it and save it as a video. 


  • Best Individuals and Freshers, can choose to make the video alone or feature other people in it with them, that is up to you.


  • Use your imagination!