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Portfolio Tips

  • Your portfolio can take whatever format you like, digital or hardcopy. Please make sure it's portable and doesn't contain loose sheets or items that can fall out as judges will move locations several times and need to carry all the portfolios)


  • It is the content which is very important, regardless of what format you choose. The portfolio must include all of your backup material for your application. Hyperlink or QR Code your links to websites, social media, videos etc.

  • What you put in your portfolio is up to you, but it should be a visual description of what you are all about. Remember: the judges do not know you, they have not been to your events and have no way of knowing just how amazing you are. Use whatever means you wish to invite the judges into the world of your society. 

  • Please Remember: There is no need to repeat what is in your nomination; the portfolio is a visual description, therefore brevity with words will be appreciated.

  • The best portfolios follow the format of the application and make it easy for the judges to refer to both, it is a pictorial backup so do not simply repeat what you have written in your application.

Organisational section

  • You could include a copy of your constitution, a photo of your committee, screen grabs to back up any information you reference in your application etc.

  • If you are including a membership list make sure it only includes names and no other personal details.

  • In the event section you can include photos and posters of your events. (NOTE: try to show how many people were there, don’t just show the same three people in every photo.)


  • You can include testimonials, quotes from your members, correspondence with guests, a sample of your style of agenda and minutes etc. Basically include anything to let the adjudicators see how great you are and the impact you make. (NOTE: just use samples of these, the judges have a lot to read and don't need to see every email you sent guests, or the minutes of every meeting you ran.)


  • If your society uses a safety statement, event plan etc. include those.

Finance Section


  • Include bank statements (if you use a bank account) and more detailed accounts, some samples of receipts, e-mails/letters to and from sponsors, photos of any innovative methods you used to raise funds etc.


  • If you gave money to a charity include a letter of acknowledgement. If you have a photo handing over the cheque include that.

Publicity Section

  • You should include copies of posters, press cuttings, reviews, literature you have published, photos, screen grabs of social media etc.


  • Some societies in the past have included video footage (you can put in a link to videos), sample screenshots of your website (always include links when referencing something live like a current website.)

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